The library is responsible for textbook circulation. Students receive textbooks four times a year. Because of the Williams case, the library staff issues textbooks to all students regardless of overdue, damaged, lost or stolen books. The Monterey Trail High School and Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School Library Media Center supports and complies with EGUSD policy concerning lost, stolen, damaged, or overdue books. If library materials or property are willfully damaged, the offending student will come under the disciplinary policies outlined in the Education Code. If a lost or stolen book is returned within one year of checkout and the book is still a currently adopted textbook, a full refund will be given. Any student who has overdue, damaged, lost or stolen books may not check out library materials until all books have been returned or fines paid. During textbook collection at the end of each term, returned textbooks will be assessed for damages and fines for damages will be assigned. Students will be informed of lost, stolen, and damaged library and textbooks when the fine or fines are assessed. It is the responsibility of the student to inform his or her parent/guardian. Notification of these fines will also be mailed to the parents or guardians by the school district twice during the school year and again at the beginning of the new school year. If payment in full cannot be made at the time the fine is assessed, students can make payments throughout the year in the library until the fine is satisfied. Monthly payments are required to maintain eligibility for sports. Students remain on the No Activities List until full payment is received. Parents/guardians can also order replacement textbooks books online, but must follow school guidelines for purchase. This document is available from the library staff or online on the library's webpage. If paying for a book, payment in full is expected by the end of the school year. In the case of stolen books, a stolen property report must be filled out and the issue discussed with the administration. The school has a cut-off date for payments made by personal check; only cash, money order or cashier’s check will be accepted after that designated date. These dates will be posted in the library prior to the deadline.

Students who require an additional set of textbooks because of special needs will need to have the following:

  • Doctor’s letter requesting the extra set based on medical need
  • A “Request for Additional Textbooks” must be signed and returned to the library.

The following consequences will be implemented to facilitate books returns or to secure payment for lost, overdue, damaged or stolen books:

  • Middle School report cards will be held Terms 1.
  • Middle School students will not be able to participate in activities including promotion.
  • High School students cannot attend dances, prom, homecoming or senior ball.
  • High School students may not be able to participate in graduation rehearsal.

Students are requested to follow the rules for keeping their textbooks in good shape.

The 7 Day Rule

Students have seven school days to report any damages found on or in the textbooks from the day the textbook is distributed. Students should carefully look through their textbooks for damages not noted by the library staff under the book’s barcode. If new damage is found, students should report these damages to a librarian. The librarian will make a note of the damage in the textbook under the barcode. Students are not to note damages on their own. Failure to report damages to textbooks within the 7 days may result in the student being held responsible for textbook damages when the book is returned at the end of the term.

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