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Step 1 Library staff will issue one verbal warning for inappropriate behavior which violates library or school rules.
Step 2 Offending students will be asked to leave the library on the second violation of any library or school rule and/or may be reported for further disciplinary action.
Step 3 Students who continually and/or flagrantly abuse library and/or school rules will be referred for appropriate discipline.

Behavior Expectations:
The library is a place to complete homework, conduct research, word process classroom assignments, and read. Students who choose to participate in activities that are not conducive to a quiet, study environment will be asked to leave the library. All school rules apply in the library at all times (before and after school as well as during the school day).

Safe Environment Study Environment Computer Respect Furniture
Show respect to self and others at all times. Speak quietly. One person per computer except when part of a scheduled classroom research visitation. Keep furniture where it is unless approved by library staff.
Enter and leave the library quietly. Silence phones and electronics. Phones/electronic devices may only be used in the library with permission of the Teacher Librarian or regular classroom teacher and only for academic purposes. Warning: Refusal to surrender an electronic device constitutes "willful defiance." Follow all Elk Grove USD Internet rules and policies. You may have up to four people to a table.
Walk inside the library at all times. Use the library only for studying or reading not socializing. Treat the computers with care. You may have only one person per chair.
Speak quietly and use appropriate language. Bring necessary supplies to complete assignments and projects. Ask permission to sit in computer areas designated for classes visiting the library. Keep chair legs on the floor-no tipping.
Politely show school ID when requested.

Come prepared to study.

Ask for help when needed.

Using computers for research, word processing assignments, completing homework and studying have priority over other personal uses. Carefully push in chairs when leaving tables.
Leave all food, drink, or gum outside the library in the proper container. Leave cards and games in backpacks.

Keep your seating area clean Pick up any paper or debris dropped on the tables or floor.

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tables to sit down
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comfy seats to study on posters around the library
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