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As students make the transition from elementary school to secondary education, they face many challenges and changes. This is true for mathematics as well. They must take a concrete understanding of numbers and apply it!
The math department staff is dedicated to all students' success. Please contact your student's teacher if we can be of assistance.
Possibly Helpful Links

Possibly Helpful Links

Go Math The site which accompanies the Go Math textbook.   It features an online and interactive textbook as well as on-the-spot videos and real-world application videos.
Go Math 7 Personal Trainer
Go Math 8 Personal Trainer
Interactive help with specific problems similar to those in the textbook.  Offers examples, step-by-step help, and eventually will have video tutorials.
Interactive Cross Sections Might be useful for Go Math 7 section 8.3.
Common Core State Standards, English Common Core State Standards for Math, in English
Common Core State Standards, Spanish Common Core State Standards for Math, in Spanish

Course Standards
English Español
Math 7 Matemáticas 7
Math 7 with Support Matemáticas 7 con Apoyo
Math 7 Accelerated Matemáticas 7 Acelerado
Math 8 Matemáticas 8
Math 8 with Support Matemáticas 8 con Apoyo
 Math 1  
Course Syllabi