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Academic Code

The staff of Edward Harris Jr. Middle School expects the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility from all students. To protect everyone’s right to a fair and meaningful evaluation, Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School has adopted the following Academic Code of Conduct.
    • A student who exhibits any behavior which in the judgment of the teacher indicates dishonesty while taking and examination or quiz, shall receive a zero for that exercise and it may not be made up.
    • A student who copies an assignment from another student shall receive a zero for that assignment, and the student who allows an assignment to be copied shall also receive a zero.
    • A student who, for the purpose of cheating on an examination, enters a classroom carrying evidence of premeditation--such as aids or notes not allowed--shall receive a zero for that examination.
    • A student who takes another student’s written assignment or project for personal use or academic credit without permission shall receive a zero for that assignment and will be further disciplined under the provisions for theft in the student discipline policy.
    • A student who displays unethical behavior and/or is involved in any other activity for the purpose of cheating, altering, or falsifying records, including computer hacking, removing or copying of any materials (student, teacher, or other), etc., shall be disciplined as follows: 
      1. A student enrolled in the course in which the infraction occurred may receive a grade of “F” for the assignments/examinations for which the infractions took place. This may result in the student failing the class. The student may also be suspended for up to five (5) days and the infraction may affect any awards or honors the student may receive. This will be at the discretion of the committee(s) in charge of the awards.
      2. A student NOT enrolled in a course, however, who is involved in such an infraction, may be disciplined in accordance with the student discipline policy.
    • A student who plagiarizes information from a print or on-line source, and presents that information as his/her own, shall receive a zero for that project or assignment.