Saturday School


Question Answer
What is Saturday School? Saturday School is a detention held on rotating Saturday mornings from 8:00am to 12:00 noon for students with excessive tardies.
When does Saturday School occur? On rotating Saturdays as the need exists.
Who presides over Saturday School? A credentialed staff member will preside over Saturday School.
How will a student know they have been assigned to Saturday School? Once a student receives their third tardy, they will be given a Tardy Form detailing each tardy. That form is to be taken home by the student and returned with a parent signature. After the next tardy in that class, the Tardy Form will be sent to the Vice Principal so that Saturday School can be assigned. Parents will be notified of the date their child can serve their Saturday School detention.
What happens to students who fail to serve Saturday School without a valid reason? Students who fail to serve Saturday School without a valid reason will be assigned one all day On Campus Suspension (OCS). If the student is disruptive in OCS, he/she may be assigned to a 2-day home suspension.
How long is Saturday School? Students will serve Saturday School for 4 hours for receiving the fourth tardy in one class. Each additional tardy in that class will merit another Saturday School session.
What happens to a student with 7 or more tardies? Students with 7 or more tardies will be referred to SARB (School Attendance Review Board).
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