Mar 2011: Space Day at EHMS

On March 29, NASA's Ames Research Center brought Ivor Dawson's Traveling Space Museum to Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School The NASA Explorer School Team organized an all-day, school-wide event. Every student got to visit some of the 24 exhibits and activities. It was a great, fun-filled learning experience for everyone.

There were 24 activities/exhibits brought by TSM, NASA Ames, and community members. The NES Team would like to thank everyone involved in this awesome event.
Unless otherwise noted, photos are by our Vice Principal, Dave Ishikawa.

Edit: This event was reported on at least two Internet sites.
An online newspaper, From The Capital, had this article: NASA Traveling Space Museum to Land in Elk Grove.
Parallax, one of the exhibitors, reported on the day at their website, A Day of Robotic Fun @ Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School.

Space-Day-2011-021.jpg Space-Day-2011-103.jpg
The TSM's Space Shuttle Flight Simulator was a big hit for those who got to fly it. Even our VP, Mr. Ishikawa got a kick out it.
Space-Day-2011-001.jpg Space-Day-2011-047.jpg
This Micro Jet was sold as a kit many years ago. A similar jet was flown in a James Bond movie.
Space-Day-2011-023.jpg Space-Day-2011-078.jpg
TSM brought a 50 foot trailer with a mock-up of a module of the International Space Station.
Space-Day-2011-027.jpg horse.jpg
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for managing and caring for wild horses. What's the connection with NASA you might ask? Well, one of NASA's important areas of expertise is the environment and the BLM uses NASA tools and data to manage their lands.
Photo on the right was taken by BLM personnel.
Space-Day-2011-031.jpg IMG_8090.jpg

We at EHMS are very grateful for the community support at this event. On the left is SARG, the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group (, who brought a load of rockets that actually fly. There was one (not pictured) that was 10-12 feet tall.

On the right is Parallax, a company in Rocklin ( This was a hugely popular activity. They brought several types of robots that the students were able to program and play with.
Parallax photo by Autumn Nguyen.

Space-Day-2011-042.jpg Space-Day-2011-074.jpg
In a demonstration of the power of air pressure, Ms. Delgado is wrapped in a plastic bag and all the air inside is vacuumed out. It's an amazing feeling. TSM brought a hovercraft that some students were able to ride. This craft works by forcing air (air pressure again!) into the space between the floor and the craft, creating a cushion to float on.
TSM also brought some suits for students to try on. These are similar to space suits, but more of an enhanced version of a clean-room suit which would be used when assembling delicate space craft that will be going to another world.
IMG_8120.jpg Space-Day-2011-064.jpg
Another popular TSM exhibit was the space toilet. Without gravity to help you go to the bathroom, NASA had to find another way to help.
Photo by Autumn Nguyen.
NASA's Ames Research Center has been our main point of contact/sponsor/helper since we became an Explorer School. The amazing folks at Ames have always come through for us. Stomp Rockets is just one of the activities they brought.
Space-Day-2011-087.jpg Space-Day-2011-089.jpg
Another of our supporters is the Sac State/UCD MESA Center who provided a robotic obstacle course activity. EHMS students and MESA members Raymond Tang, Kevin Tang, Alex Llamado, and Tri Le ran this event all day long!
Click here for more information about the Sac State/UCD MESA program.
Cosumnes River College's Junior ACE program presented lessons and activities about ACE - Architecture, Construction and Engineering.
Click here for more information about CRC Junior ACE Mentor Program.
Space-Day-2011-091.jpg Space-Day-2011-111.jpg
Michael Bradley of the California Highway Patrol brought a patrol car and visited with our students. Laura Grossman (L) and other presenters from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office also brought a patrol car and visited with students.
Space Day 2011 093.jpg
Mr. Edward Harris, Jr., our school's namesake, attends many of our events and always draws a big crowd.

As a NASA Explorer School, the media - visual and print - has been good to us. They covered our kickoff assembly, Math & Science Discovery Nights, astronaut visits, and our NASA National Student Symposium winners. Thank you to all of the media representatives who have helped us get the word out about the quality programs here at Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School.
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