Nov 1 2010: In Florida

Before we even boarded the plane, we learned that the shuttle launch had been postponed ... first to Tuesday and then to Wednesday. It's too late to change our flight now, so what are we going to do? Explore Florida!

Our friend and guide, Mr. Pollak (who is also a rocket scientist!) took us here.
florida03.jpg florida04.jpg
An Airboat. Most of us were excited. One of us was a bit nervous.
L to R: Mr. Ponder, Ms. Delfino, Ms. Villeneuve, Mr. Pollak
florida05.jpg florida08.jpg
Soon we were enjoying the view of Florida wildlife. This is a blue heron. The captain stopped the boat so we could take pictures if this alligator standing along the bank.
florida06.jpg florida07.jpg
Airboats go quite fast and are not terribly maneuverable. Unfortunately, we went right over the top of this guy. Everybody agreed that alligator is very tasty.
No alligators were harmed during this expedition.
Airboats just skim over the surface of the water and alligators are pretty quick to dive under the water when they need to.

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