Nov 2 2010: Waiting Patiently

With the flight of STS-133, Space Shuttle Discovery, delayed until Wednesday, we had some extra time. Why not visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame?

Alan Bean was one of only twelve people to walk on the moon. After his return, he took up art and has painted many beautiful and fantastic scenes. Some represent what happened to him during his time on the moon while others are pure imagination and inspiration.
florida12.jpg florida11.jpg
Two if EHMS' intrepid astronauts at the Astronaut Hall of Fame. A model of the LM or Lunar Module, the craft that lands on the moon.
Three out of four EHMS teachers visiting the Astronaut Hall of Fame. The two obvious members of the team, L to R: Ms. Delfino and Ms. Villeneuve. Can you find the third?
florida15.jpg florida14.jpg
No trip would be complete without shopping! Some of Florida's rain. In the time it takes to close the car door, you will be soaked.
All four teacher members of Edward Harris' NES team.
A fifth team member - our Principal, Mrs. Bessent - is also here in Florida waiting for the launch. Like us, she is not sitting around doing nothing while we wait. Mrs. Bessent made a trip to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center. The rest of us will go to the Visitor Center either tomorrow (if the launch is delayed again) or the day after the launch.
florida16.jpg florida17.jpg
Mrs. Bessent in front of the mock-up of a space shuttle. The building you can barely see behind the shuttle allows you to enter the shuttle at two different levels to see what is inside.
Mrs. Bessent on a tour of the Rocket Garden which contains many of the rockets important in the history of space travel.

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