Nov 3 2010: Another Day (Waiting) in Paradise

We knew the shuttle wasn't going to fly today - the last announcement said the launch would be Thursday - so we planned another tour day.

florida20.jpg florida21.jpg
Our host and guide, Mr. Pollak, took us on a short hike in the swamps of Florida. There was a lot of wildlife. We didn't see any alligators here (not because there are none - we just didn't see them). We did see eagles and egrets, herons, buzzards, and bugs.

Our NASA hosts from Ames Research Center secured tickets to one of the attractions here, The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. So, after a too-short time in the wilderness of Florida, we headed back to civilization to meet our Ames representative and get our tickets.
florida22.jpg florida23.jpg
Wouldn't you love to have this guy's job and just float around all day? The four of us in front of the space shuttle before going inside.
florida24.jpg florida25.jpg


Launch is scheduled for tomorrow at about 3:30 in the afternoon. We have to catch a bus in Orlando at 8:30 am to get to the launch. That means we leave our place at 5:45 in the morning. We're a bit bummed about that because the weather is currently rainy and Mr. Pollak - who has correctly predicted every delay in the launch so far - says it won't launch on Thursday. We'll get up EARLY and start driving to Orlando but he thinks we'll get a call saying the launch is scrubbed and will have to turn around.

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