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Staff Directory

* = department head
Teachers Department
Avina, J. Connections
Bajar, W. Math
Baraza, D. Language Arts
Social Science
Bigley, H. Physical Education
Bliss, A. Social Science*
Burnell, K. Language Arts, Social Science
Burruel, C. Science
Champion, A. Enrichment, Physical Education
Chapman-Martin, T. Connections
Christopher-Schilling, T. Social Science, AVID
Chung, M. Math
Church, T. Math
Coronado, A. Language Arts
Corpuz, L. Science, Athletic Director
Damian Lopez, N. Counseling
Davies-McCurdy, B. Science
Dresser, J. Enrichment
Dutra, J. Language Arts
Escoto, J. Enrichment
Fragoso, A. Math
Francois, J. Connections
Freeman, S. Counseling*
Godwin, C. J. Math
Green, S. Connections*
Henson, A. Math, Avid
Hickinbotham, K. Language Arts
Hilken, C. Enrichment
Hoggard, C. Enrichment*
Horner, E. Social Science
Houston, M. Connections*
Jenkins, J. Language Arts*
Karan, A. Math*
Kefu, T. Enrichment
Kinney, A. Language Arts*, Enrichment
Lee, K. Physical Education
Madu, K. Counseling
Mager, A. Language Arts, History, AVID
Malone, I. Physical Education*
Mitzel, S. Library
Mosley, F. Physical Education
Nguyen, A. Science*
Nguyen, H. Physical Education
Parker, N. Art, Advanced Art
  Rogers, E. Science
Sanchez, A. Social Science, AVID
Saumier, S. Language Arts
Shannon, H. Enrichment
Siggard, E. Connections
Smith, R. Counseling
Sommerfield, P. Math*
Stawiecki, E. Language Arts
Stern, B. Connections
Ulibas-Pascual, J. Counseling*
Villalobos, L. Science
Vlach, M. Connections
Williams, M. Enrichment
Wong, M. Language Arts
Zambory, M. Connections
Zambrano, V. Connections
Staff Position 
Amey, C. Principal
Bartow, N. Site Controller
Bellamy, S. Psychologist
Chapman, T. DHH
Duarte, C. Student Services
Ford, L. School Secretary
Figueroa-Landman, A. Social Worker
Goodwin, S. VP Support
Guerrero, V. Data Processor
Hermosillo, H. Lead Custodian
Hernandez, E. Library Circulation Desk
Houston, M. Speech and Hearing
Largo, M. Student Services
Mutti, A. DHOH
Parke, D. Vice Principal
Sphar, S. Library Technician
Swift, N. Vice Principal
Tabatabai, M. School Nurse
* = department head

Staff 2022-2023

Staff "Flannel Tribute" to Mr. Mola (December 2022)