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Builders Club

Check out our Edward Harris Jr. Middle school´s Builders Club Website!

Check out our website! :


Text 81010 @7e39d to get updates about Builders Club.

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What is Builders Club?

What is Builders Club?

Builders Club is a student-driven club that focuses on building leadership, social skills, and improving our community.
Q: Are there any other Builders Clubs in the world?
A: Yes, we are international.
Q: Why is Builders Club important?
A: Builders Club helps you plan for the future, become a better leader, and improve our community.
Q: Why is it called Builders Club?
A: We stand for building leadership.
Q:What is the Builders Club Mascot?
A: It is a penguin dinosaur hybrid named Penguar.
Q: What's Builders Club color?
A: Blue.
Executive Members

Executive Members

Jennifer Peng
Kevin Bali
Chelsea Mae Jimeno
Tam Nguyen


Kiwanis - Family Builders Club Relations - Coordinates inter-club activities with the Kiwanis family (Key Club).
Service Projects -Is responsible for researching the needs within the school and community and developing ideas for service projects to meet those needs.
Public Relations -Isresponsible for developing communications to promote the objects, goals, programs, and achievements of the Builders Club to the school and community.