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Starting in 2017-2018 school year, the District is moving to a new fully integrated Student Information System, Synergy by Edupoint. This one system will replace both EGUSD’s current student information system (SISWeb) and School Loop. Synergy will provide access to both parents and students, just like School Loop. However, with Synergy, Parents/Guardians will use a single sign-on to access all of their children’s information regardless of school. Parents will access the portal using ParentVUE and students will access using StudentVUE. 

Why a new system? EGUSD’s current student information system was launched in 2003. In order to meet the high expectations of EGUSD’s 21st century educational mission and comply with increasing demands of external federal and state mandates, a review committee composed of a wide range of stakeholders, determined that EGUSD needed a new state of the art Student Information System. 



ParentVUE helps parents/guardians stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their child's academic experience with access to important information. 

 The new ParentVUE Portal will provide parents with:
  • Single sign-on – one login for each parent, which will allow access to all students associated with that parent across the district in any grade or school
  • Big picture information – ability  to view attendance, immunization compliance, transcripts, graduation status, and more
  • Ability to update information  – emergency contacts, physician and phone numbers
  • Grades and assignments – know if your student is on track academically and know when assignments have been given and are due
  • Class website access – know what is happening in your children’s classroom(s)
  • Ability to stay connected with teachers – communicate with teachers
  • Web Portal and Mobile App – Easy access from anywhere and anytime
Parents will need to register for a ParentVUE account using an activation code and instructions given out at the beginning of the school year by each school site. Instructions on how to register and update information in the system will be included on the activation code handout. If you lose your activation code or need another one, please contact the school office. 

Link to ParentVUE login page



StudentVUE helps students stay informed and connected by providing day-today insight into their own academic experience. 

 Students are able to:
  • Email their teachers, stay on top of upcoming school events, classroom happenings, and academic performance via their own StudentVUE access, separate from ParentVUE
  • Track graduation requirements and how many credits remain
  • Receive notification when assignments are posted
  • Store electronic files and assignments online with Digital Locker
Link to StudentVUE login page